Also known as electronic sports, esports are a form of competition that is facilitated through computer gaming. Most commonly, esports take the form of organized, multiplayer online video game competitions. These competitions often incorporate live broadcasts with commentary and award prize money to competitors. Esports are also one of the fastest growing sports in the world.

For our inaugural year, we formed the Orange County High School Esports League, which sought to connect the rapidly growing form of Esports entertainment (70 million worldwide watch esports*) with resilient, adaptive, and effective learning. Given the rich social context in which esports play takes place and the opportunities for the development of technical expertise, we launched this effort as a means to connect students’ interest in esports to sportsmanship, entrepreneurship, and STEM interests.

The Orange County High School Esports League was rooted in providing Orange County high school students with the opportunity to pursue their interests, develop a greater community, and enhance their skills in leadership, teamwork, problem-solving and communication. Now, in our second year, we are moving forward as the North America Scholastic Esports Federation to go above and beyond.

Registration for Season 2 will open in July 2018 and close in September 2018. This year, we are offering two terms: Fall and Winter. Fall tournaments will begin in October 2018, and Winter tournaments will begin January 2019. 

If you are interested in registering for Season 2, please visit our league page! 

A student must be currently enrolled in a qualifying high school for at least 20 semester units of work. The student must also have earned a GPA of at least 2.0 in all subjects and satisfactory citizenship (No N or U) during the most recent grading period.

Free.99! There is no cost to participate! Registration and tournament play is free for all schools. However, high schools are responsible for ensuring their students have the proper equipment and technology. If you need any support, please contact us at 

We will announce the titles being offered for Season 2 this summer, however your voice matters! Please visit our league page and submit an interest form to recommend a title. 

Teams are able to acquire and represent sponsors so long that they follow the guidelines laid out by their school and district administration, as well as the guidelines below. Additionally, teams may not acquire “title sponsors,” as teams will solely be represented by their High School name and a unique team logo without additional branding.

If the sponsor falls under the ensuing limited categories then the sponsorship may not be displayed by the Players during the use or play of LoL, adjacent to LoL related material, the OC League, or any Riot- and OC League-affiliated events. The OC League officials have the ability to update the category list at any time.

Teams may not be sponsored by:

  • Gambling Websites
  • Non-“over-the-counter” drugs.
  • Account sharing/skin-selling websites.
  • Firearms, handguns, or ammunition providers.
  • Websites displaying or related to pornographic imagery or products.
  • Tobacco, smoking, or vaping products.

We would love to connect! Please reach out to us at